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Why do people have to judge by body size and appearance?
Yeah people always say “personality is what touches the heart”
Thats such a lie. When u have no nice body or appearance, no one gives a shit about your personality.
This is the truth about the society, no one can deny it. People tend to see appearance first.
And for those who have people falling for their personality.. Well lucky u! You’re maybe among millions or something

So i work hard to fit in, but they always say just be yourself.
And i cant be myself. Coz “myself” sucks too.

It’s hard to live in the world isn’t it? I mean life would just be great n simple if i was a fool. In The Great Gatsby, Daisy said:

"And i hope she’ll be a fool
Thats the best thing a girl in this world can be
A beautiful little fool”

“BITCH, 10 fingers are not enough for you.
See yourself, how fake you are.”
let’s get serious.

let’s get serious.

“The future is a dark road n it’s up to you to lit the way. Sometimes u will fall into the darkness. And sometimes u will find some treasure along the way.
But remember, life goes on, whether it’s good or bad.
Life is a journey, and we are all travellers.
-JANE LEE- 06/09/13”
Dang wheres my self control?

me: i want to lose weight
me: i want skinny legs
me: i want a flat stomach
me: i want to be thin
me: *sees mcdonalds*
me: YOLO

When i’m around you ❤

What could i do when i’m missing you?
Those words untold
Those memories unfold

What could i do when i starts to love you?
Those rapid heartbeat
When you’re around me

What could i do when i tell you i love you?
Should i run and hide
Should i cross the line?

Those butterflies in my stomach just wouldn’t stop fluttering whenever i’m around you
Words are left unspoken
You left me speechless

When i look at you i feel some indescribable joy
So painful.. Yet happy

I wish i could tell you what i really think about you,
But if i do, will we be lovers?
Or will we be strangers?

I know, i’ll never get you.
You are a famous guy in school
While i’m just the wallflower

But i will not give up
I will wait for you,
To notice me :)

All rights reserved 11/11/12

LOL HAHAHAHA i laughed too much for this 😂😂

LOL HAHAHAHA i laughed too much for this 😂😂

Well there was a dinosaur “smiling” beside me :O

Well there was a dinosaur “smiling” beside me :O

Ohh yeahhh bananas feel good! Muahaha

Ohh yeahhh bananas feel good! Muahaha